Sunday, June 29, 2014

Knitcation Contest

My Knitcation Vacation

Independent Fashion Fabric Shopping around the World

Colette Patterns has sponsored a unique contest to inspire a great travel wardrobe full of their comfortable, versatile and super cute knit patterns. I have made a navy Mable Skirt and a grey striped Moneta dress. 

Since this is mostly a fantasy vacation, I would spend my time visiting some of the world's best fabric shops and cities.  This would include a wonderful mix of the best local small fabric shops and large famous and fancy ones. No "quilt only" shops on my tour, just the places with great fashion fabric too!

Santa Cruz, CA

Day 1: My trip would start at home, in my little town of Santa Cruz, California. Here you can find Harts Fabric, surfing and mountain biking and lots of laid-back locals. 

san francisco
Day 2: San Francisco Since we are flying around the world, we need to go to SFO but first a not so quick stop at Britex Fabrics and maybe a nice hike across my favorite bridge. Other shops I've heard great things about are: Sal Beressi and Satin Moon Fabrics. 

Portland Travel

Day 3: Portland, Oregon! Home of many great fabric shops including one of my favorites,  Bolt Fabrics and Colette Patterns. It rains most of the time so I'd grab a great cup of coffee, say hi to my sister, and go shopping. Or you could do what I did last year while I was there; ride behind your husband on a tandem visiting breweries and trying to get him to stop at the stop signs. Other great shops to see include Modern Domestic and Fabric Depot.

New York City
Day 4: New York City! Massive overwhelming choices at the garment district, beautiful fabrics at Mood including a rather lovely knit that I am hoarding, and some lovely low key shopping at Brooklyn General and Purl Soho.

London Travel outfit
Day 5: London, England Home of the lovely Liberty of London! I'm sure there are also loads of other great wonderful shops as well. Need to do some research if I have any bloody money left after the prior shop. These look interesting and expensive! Marimekko and Broadway Silks .

Tokyo collage
Day 6: Across the globe to Tokyo to explore. I've never been here before but I've long admired the Japanese designs for fabric and craft. My Moneta and a cute t-shirt are perfect for the day. 

Mabel travel day
Day 7: Long flight home.  Fortunately, I'm not working this flight so I'm relaxing in the back in my Moneta.  Can't wait to get home to get to the sewing! 

Here is me in both outfits! I'd love to know what other great fabric shops would be on your dream vacation list. If you have any suggestions, please comment however I am looking for shops with at least a decent fashion fabric section. 

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  1. I loved your knitcation idea for a fabric shopping round the world trip, Mood in New York looks like an amazing place! Singapore is a great stopover destination and you will go mad buying fabric in the arab district, Kampong Glam. There is literally a street of silk shops. My husband used to get nervous every time we came here because I would pretty much need a separate case for all my fabric purchases, sadly for him we live here now and I can shop for fabric every day!