Friday, June 20, 2014

City Slicker Bag

Sadly, it is June which means the last Bag of the Month club Month! The June bag is the City Slicker bag by ChrisW designs.  This bag came in not one but two very detailed pdf patterns. I chose the advanced version although given the materials I used, maybe this was a bad idea. More on that later. 
 Do you like my photoshop practice? I know, it needs work. However, it was really hard to photograph this bag well. So go ahead and focus in on the beautiful fabric and the fancy rivets and not the odd fuzzy edges. 
The City Slicker Bag 

My review: I loved this pattern. The details and explanations were top notch. I love how she takes the time to fully explain each step. It was like a "sew-along" for a bag! 
The fabric used was from the designer remnants sale. This time I only had small bits of a couple coordinating prints so I had to be creative. 
The downside was that this bag took me a very long time to finish. I made the mistake of using this unusual interfacing. Although it makes for a very sturdy bag it also makes it hard to sew. I had to redo sections multiple times. Here is a link to the material. It's called Freudenberg Decovil Fusible

What do you think? Also I would love to know if anyone else has tried this interfacing before. 

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