Saturday, May 24, 2014

Leather Bag for Megan Christmas 2013

Success! My little sister has always been the fashionista of the family and also the most picky about things. So when she asked me to make her a bag, I was happy but a little nervous. She and I were down in LA last summer and I made her go to the fabric district with me. I made her go to Mood Fabrics with me! And she spent more money than me! She bought a beautiful piece of buttery leather and asked me to make her a purse with it.  

I searched all over the internet looking for a suitable tutorial or bag pattern but there is not much out there. I found lots of unappealing hand stitched leather western ware bags.  I did browse Etsy for ideas and proof that a cute leather purse could be handmade. One seller was very friendly and though she wouldn't sell me a pattern, she did give me some great encouragement. 

 I was so happy when I finished it that I forgot to take photos. These are Megan's pictures months later.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 6th, 2014 Poolside Tote

I just finished the Poolside Tote by Anna of Noodlehead. As a member of the Bag of the Month club I have been eagerly awaiting each new pattern. This month was at first glance a simple tote. I have so many totes. Then I made it and wow, she never fails to impress. 

This tote is the ultimate tote for the pool or more likely around here, the beach. I made it with more rescued fabric (a sturdy nylon) from FabMo and an up-cycled shower curtain from the Ikea as-is section.  I did interface the nylon lining just to make it stand up a little better. The blue fabric was from my stash that I've had for ages. 

I've really learned so much from each bag this year. This one has this facing you can see on the lining. I've never worked with this method and it worked out nicely. I think it adds a nice touch to the normally plain lining insertion method. 

Now it is such a nice day, so I will get off the computer and go to the beach!