Friday, April 25, 2014

Business or Pleasure?

I've been sewing for many years now. I make lots and lots of bags, wallets and purses. When I get tired of bags I sew clothing which is much more difficult.  Then inevitably someone asks me to make them a bag, (usually my sister) and I get back feverishly into bag making.

This leads to having way more bags than I can possibly use and people ask me to sell them bags. I love making bags but as a business? Too much pressure, and as I don't want anything to take the joy out of sewing for me.  Doing your hobby as a business can do that. Ask me how I know...

Then came along the perfect solution! My crafty friend Kiki made a website! is like Etsy but instead of for profit, each item is donated to a charity. It's kinda like a bake sale but way better! Wait, bake sales are good too! You can search by crafter, by charity or just shop. It is still in its  beta version so please help us make this website great by shopping, and giving feedback.

15$ on

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